About Sea Winds Trading Co.

Sea Winds Trading Company is a Florida-based designer and wholesale distributor of quality casual furniture. We are continuously creating new product lines and designing pieces to add to our current collections. Our stocked warehouse assures you that the items you select are almost always available for prompt delivery. We pride ourselves in quality control and attention to detail and excellence in service.

By combining function and style, Sea Winds offers furniture that is reminiscent of traditional designs and captures the essence of the Islands. Our collections offer a range of dimensions and an assortment of finishes to help you create the environment you desire.




  • Sea Winds Trading Company started in 1997
  • We are based out of North Port, Florida
  • Our goods are imported from Indonesia
  • We require no minimum order
  • Dealers are able to check availability on our website.
  • We accept pre-payment by credit card or check, or open terms after credit approval.



About Wicker and Rattan Casual Furniture

Wicker-and-Rattan-Sea-Winds-TradingWicker and Rattan are some of the most widely used materials on casual and tropical furniture. Rattan is a vine that grows in the mountain regions of the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It can grow to lengths of up to 500 feet. It’s the trunk of a climbing palm that is very long and thin, vine like, and generally does not grow thicker than 2 inches in diameter. It is very strong, filled with fibers that run lengthwise. It’s very pliable and easily bent, making it a wonderful material to create furniture.

Wicker is not actually a material, but an overall classification of furniture woven from one of a variety of materials. A lot of people think that wicker and rattan are the same thing, but wicker can actually be made up of rattan, cane, willow, reed or one of many other pliable materials. Weaving coarse fibers loosely together round a frame makes wicker furniture. This process dates back to early Egypt.

Bamboo is another material used in our furniture. Bamboo is actually a giant cane grass, growing naturally in the warm regions of temperate climates. Bamboo can grow to over a hundred feet, growing two to three inches a day. It is easy to identify by its nodular growth and hollow stem.