Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase directly from Sea Winds®?

Sea Winds® products are only available through a select network of authorized dealers. They will assist you with information such as prices and availability as well as with the purchase process. If you need help finding a dealer near you, please click here

What are the prices of your products?

Sea Winds® distributes all of its products through dealers and does not sell directly to consumers. Please visit an authorized dealer for prices.

What’s the status of my order?

Please contact your store directly for order status. Sea Winds® does not have information on particular orders sold by stores to consumers.

Can I get a catalog?

All collections currently offered by Sea Winds® are shown on this website, which provides the same information as the catalog available to dealers such as detailed pictures of products, specifications, and dimensions.

I own a store. Can I become a dealer?

Sea Winds® has become a recognized brand in the furniture industry for its quality and unique designs, which in turn has created a great demand for its products and opened opportunities for new dealers. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, please click here.

I am a designer. Can I buy directly?

Yes. Sea Winds® has been serving professional designers and decorators with an active business license for many years, regardless of project size. Click here for more information.

Does Sea Winds® offer custom products?

All products seen on this website are produced in bulk and sold as shown. However, Sea Winds® has an extensive experience in supplying custom products to hospitality firms for projects that require large quantities. Click here for more information.

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